Partition tables changed by Windows (LUKS)


This is little embarresing, but I think by accident I overwritten my partition table (with LUKS). My current setup is Disk A: Manjaro as a main system, Disk B: Windows. I wanted to add two additional hard drives for storage.
I added disk under linux and switch to windows to add second one there with disk management tool. By my mistake I think I overwritten partition table on my linux storage drive when I connect disks using Disk Management (popup with choice of table style for disk MBR or GTP). I thought that this only apply for one disk, but I was wrong. I clean the cryptab and fstab for proper system start but I don’t know how to aproach to restore old partition table under LUKS

Error when I want to mount disk on startup:

This is how it was before:

And now it’s Microsoft Reserved partition :confused:

If anyone has a suggestion on how I can fix this I would be very grateful.

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There are no A: and B: drives under Linux, but there is HD0 and HD1 or SDA and SDB etc. Please read this:

Please read this because imgur links don’t work without cookies and I’m a privacy nutcase:

Do you have some kind of system backup including an MBR/GPT backup?

If not, please post the “How it was before” as text, please… (I.E. a picture of how the disk partitions looked like before is of no help: we need the exact sizes with a precision of 1 MByte to recreate what you had before)

I.E. something like this:

sudo parted --machine /dev/sda unit MB print;
/dev/sda:256061MB:scsi:512:512:gpt:ATA Micron_1100_MTFD:;
1:1.05MB:106MB:105MB:fat32:EFI system partition:boot, esp;
2:106MB:123MB:16.8MB::Microsoft reserved partition:msftres;
3:123MB:51662MB:51540MB:ntfs:Basic data partition:msftdata;
4:51662MB:52736MB:1074MB:ntfs:Basic data partition:hidden, diag;

Also, please ensure you have an additional disk disk larger than or identical to the disk you want to recover: We’re not going to touch the original but work off a copy so in case we mess up we can take another copy leaving all data intact on the original!!!