Pamac update and NVIDIA - unable to satisfy dependency 'nvidia-340xx-utils=340.108' required by linux54-nvidia-340xx

I am being unable to upgrade Manjaro anymore. As of today, Manjaro started exhibiting this message while I am trying to upgrade. If I start the upgrade process, with pamac update, I receive in return:

Synchronizing package databases…
Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘nvidia-340xx-utils=340.108’ required by linux54-nvidia-340xx
  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘nvidia-340xx-utils=340.108’ required by linux57-nvidia-340xx
    Resolving dependencies…
    Checking inter-conflicts…
    Error: Failed to prepare transaction:
    could not satisfy dependencies:
  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘nvidia-340xx-utils=340.108’ required by linux54-nvidia-340xx
  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘nvidia-340xx-utils=340.108’ required by linux57-nvidia-340xx

Until yesterday, everything was working flawless. The problem is that I am completely stuck with that. Apparently this is due to the fact NVIDIA deprecated the 340xx driver. I have a Core i7-3300 with an NVIDIA 9600 board, with a pretty updated Manjaro setup, running 5.7 kernel. I am running KDE Manjaro.
What should I do ? Is there a way out of this ?

Im in the same boat i think, my error message read "could not satisfy dependencies:

  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘nvidia-430xx-utils=430.64’ required by linux419-nvidia-430xx


Please both read this first:

You will have to remove the linux module first and then the utils with the driver.
sudo pacman -R linux54-nvidia-340xx
sudo pacman -R linux57-nvidia-340xx

sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia-340xx

run first:
sudo pacman -R linux419-nvidia-430xx

Dear bogdancovaciu,
Thanks for your reply ! Which driver should I use for my NVIDIA 9600GT board instead of 340xx ? I got the impression that the 340xx was the only driver with support for this board … maybe I was mistaken …
Please give me an advice !

Oh, right … my comment was actually off, as it seems the 340xx are the latest drivers for that GPU model. So, if you remove the drivers then you will use nouveau. Hmmm.
Maybe you can try the video-nvidia-390xx but maybe that is another bad idea. I will try to dig up an old 8800 GT i have somewhere and see what would work with it, but can’t promise till weekend to make some tests.
I see you are in KDE Plasma, and i recall really bad performance with nouveau drivers, so i had to replace kwin with compton to have decent performance.

I was trying not to upgrade, I can live with the current kernel for some time, as things are working, right now, but for some reason pamac does not allow me doing a partial upgrade … it is an all or nothing thing … the problem is that I cannot stay like that forever … apparently there is a meta-package that forces me to always staying with the latest nvidia configuration and this is breaking everything for me.

I have an idea. Try to boot the latest rc6 iso, chose nonfree drivers and look what drivers is using, then try to mimic the same in your current install, so then you will be able to do the update. If will work with 5.8 kernel and the 390xx drivers, then will be a win. If is not working, then … :expressionless:
As for the update … try to keep only the 5.4 kernel, so MHWD will not try to install the linux-latest nor the linux-latest-nvidia metapackages. Might work.

Is rc6 already without 340xx support ? Is it manjaro-kde-20.1-rc6-200908-linux58.iso ? I’m downloading it right now …

Nope … doesn’t work … only nouveau … as soon as I choose a nonfree driver, it hangs-up during boot and gets frozen !
OK ! I understand that there’s no 340xx support for 5.8 kernel … but I still don’t understand why we are receiving this message for the upgrade of 5.4 and 5.7 kernels … as I understand, 340.108 is a valid nVidia version … why is it not working ? Apparentely, the package linux54-nvidia-340xx is trying to move from version 340.108-60 to 340.108-62 and linux57-nvidia-340xx is trying to move from version 340.108-24 to 340.108-26. Apparently, in both cases we already have nvidia-340xx-utils as 340.108 … so this seems like something is trying to force the deprecation of this packages, as a way for them to be removed. Isn’t there a way to just let them upgrade, and warn people that 5.7 is the last kernel with support for the 340xx nvidia driver ? Why force people to remove a working driver, or cause them that harm of not being able to upgrade anymore ?
Or is it simply a bug in pamac dependencies which needs some fixing ?

Follow-up … I solved the mistery and was able finally to upgrade … the culprit was cuda … for some reason, cuda was the reason for this strange dependency problem … as soon as I deleted cuda, I was able to upgrade without any trouble and was able to install cuda later …
and @bogdancovaciu it was a message from you in another forum topic which gave me the idea of trying this … it worked ! Many thanks !


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