Pamac ugly theme and no font antialiasing under Wayland

Running latest stable. Just switched to Wayland.

Pamac seems to default to an ugly theme and has no font anti aliasing under Wayland. How can I fix this?

For one thing pamac is a GTK application …

yes, but it was happy using the Breeze theme under X

So you were/are using breeze-gtk ?
Might want to double-check your gtk theme.

Then again … I dont know what you are referring to as ‘ugly’ … breeze should be about the same as it ever was.

my system config hasn’t changed, I have breeze set under gnome/gtk application style.

I’m fairly sure Pamac is using Adwaita. Also, there is no anti-aliasing of fonts at all. Clearly it seems to be using some kind of default as it can’t find the proper config file under Wayland.

I know it’s an old topic, but I’m having the same issue.
Try it with GTK_USE_PORTAL=0 it worked for me

yes but that means any program uses Gnome open/save dialogs on KDE which is a bit ugly.

anyway, my solution was to go back to X. maybe Wayland next year!

You could set it just for pamac. But anyway I agree, wayland is not ready for daily usage yet, there’s no comparison with X11