Pamac not showing all updates

Hi all,

My pamac taskbar icon is showing 87 updates but when I open the package manager I can only see 11 of them even though the download size of over 800MB seems to correspond with the 87 packages.

The reason I’m asking is that whenever I get a nvidia dkms driver update I have to do that first and edit the built file or my kernel updates will fail to build correctly.

maybe you enabled Software mode in Pamac

Oh… I must be getting old.
Many thanks for the prompt help.

Edit: Looks like the nvidia-340xx-dkms pkg was removed from today’s big update.

Yes, would be great if that always came separately.

its in the AUR now

Hi Robin, thanks for chiming in.

Do you mean 340.108-20 or the update to 340.108-22?
Yesterday I got the above mentioned update notification for 87 packages, including nvidia-340xx-dkms 340.108-22.
I then opened this topic and after I got the solution I proceeded to apply the update, however by that time the update of the nvidia-340xx-dkms pkg to 340.108-22 wasn’t part of the update anymore, which is why I assumed it had been removed.

If I check pamac there’s only nvidia-340xx-dkms 340.108-20.