Pamac's "Software Mode"?

I would say: Simple viewEinfache Ansicht (German) fits it most. There would be just that and you can enable it.

Let’s at least see the top 2-3 options and then the manjaro team can still make the final decision if it will be mode or view. At least we got rid of the word “software” And let’s concentrate on the English for know.

I actually use it from time to time when searching for GUI apps, I find it quite handy.

Since i could not understand what it meant, i have developed my own simple method of finding GUI apps: they have colorful icons and screenshot of the gui in the description. Not that the screenshots are zoomable and useful for any other purpose anyway.

My main issue is that since “Software Mode” is a binary switch, the name implies to me that we must be in the opposite mode when it is disabled, which I would interpret to be “Hardware Mode” (which obviously makes no sense).

Instead of “Show Apps Only”, I think I would favor the opposite wording of “Hide system libraries” or “Hide OS packages”, or something along those lines, although I acknowledge that this is still pretty vague.

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The name was intended to be similar to software app store on other distributions
(formerly known as gnome-software and ubuntu-software)

When this feature was first added to pamac GUI it was turned on by default. But it caused a problem for users looking for AUR packages

Software mode was turned off a few months later

As this is a binary switch any user can turn it on and see how it functions

@cscs name did not seem to be a problem when it was first added to pamac

Just because I did not criticize it at that particular moment does not mean I cannot have had criticisms then or have them now.

IMO comment from 2020 was the simplest explanation of how software mode option functions

Right. Its an explanation of how it does function … not an opinion on how it should function.
(using its own terminology to define itself)
I reiterated what the mode was supposed to be and do ‘from pamacs point of view’.
I did not make a judgement on how successful it was in those aims, nor on whether that vernacular or those goals had any any merit.
I did so here though: the wording is a poor choice.
I do not believe my previous post precludes me from having this view.

For now, and due to its poor reliability to correctly perform a simple full system upgrade, I would even call it “Apps Browser” :joy:, because I only use it to read the target package’s description and dependencies and use pacman or yay via terminal to do installation/remove/upgrade.

Either of: User ModeAdvanced Mode

… depending on which is the default, seems legit.

pamac is specifically developed by and for Manjaro, and none of the Manjaro developers — note: developers, not “team members” — are native English speakers. As a result, this does often lead to some very unfortunate translations from their native tongue into English. :man_shrugging:

C’est pas la mer à boire.

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Non le déluge. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would rename Software Mode to the simple term Packages, and the regular mode to Applications. I think that’s probably the least confusing.

@guinux ? :wink:


The least confusing would likely be Basic and Advanced, considering the User is already aware (in theory) that it should somehow be related to software installation; if only by merit of having Pamac-manager open.

Well, you know what they say… :point_down:

In theory, theory and practice are the same thing. In practice, they are not.


What about… :point_down:

  • Show only applications
  • Show all packages


You have to keep in mind that not every user understands English equally well either, and “Idiotses happen, Preciousss.”


Which great mind of our time, said that?

Albert Zweistein. :joy:

Meinst du das, oder sagst du das nur so?

The apparent duality of great rock and roll legends of science, astounds me. :astonished:

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