Pamac freezes whole system on post transaction hook when upgrading system

Hello, I am trying to apply the updates from 2022/08/13 but the process gets stuck on a post transaction hook and freezes the whole system, nothings works.

I left it to finish like 3 hours and it was still frozen.

I forced a reboot and the DE (Gnome) was not loading, I switched to Gnome classic to open a terminal and then restore from a backup.

The hook where it became stuck was:
Updating system dconf databases [15/25]

Any idea what may be wrong?

here is a possible solution:

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The solution of the tty session worked to apply the upgrade properly. Kinda hurts that Gnome issue is still there, but that is out of the scope of this post and it’s a Gnome itself issue.

Thanks man.

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