Pamac eats all RAM until freeze

A few days ago I installed updates for Firefox + Thunderbird. The update process never finished, so I restarted the device. Firefox and Thunderbird got updated, but since then the process pacman-checkupdates and pacman-manager will eat all RAM until the device freezes.

I have updated pacman via the terminal and updated the update mirror list, but that didn’t help.

I run kernel 6.6.19.

pacman != pamac

And there are multiple threads on this.

(ex: Pamac-daemon using 15gb of RAM)
(ex: Bizarre Pamac & Pacman behavior: used 62GiB memory, took 10min to refresh DBs)

Clean it and check again.

I see. The post got locked so I can’t fix the text.

The first link doesn’t solve the explained problem so I don’t see a solution for my problem.
The second link is known and that’s why I reloaded the dbs and mirrors.

If you disable the gui access to aur in /etc/pamac.conf the issue is likely to go away

 $ cat /etc/pamac.conf
## Allow Pamac to search and install packages from AUR:

## Keep built packages from AUR in cache after installation:

## When AUR support is enabled check for updates from AUR:

Thx for the hint, but I guess it’s already deactivated.

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I kept the device offline for a few days. I just checked the status online and got a few updates. Also the process eating all ram is gone.

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