Pamac-AUR always showing no package found

I was facing this issue from yesterday night. Previously I had installed google-chrome, brave-bin from AUR but from yesterday it was showing they are from unknown packager. And also AUR search in pamac returns no result. I did a fresh install today, but in vain.
Please help, I had planned to shift fully to Manjaro at last. But this, I do not understand.
And yes, software mode is not enabled.

Hi @sureshs2004, and welcome!

Please see Installing packages from AUR

Currently Pamac cannot be used to install packages using AUR package scripts.

Hope this clears it up!

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If you try to use the AUR via #Pamac, well you currently can’t. Due to intense requests to the AUR-Server our User-Agent got temporally blocked, until we find a proper solution to reduce our requests.

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Thanks a lot, all of you, for being so helpful :blush:. I now understand it. BTW, after how much time pamac is expected to get its AUR functionality back?

AFAIK there isn’t an ETA at the moment.


And, as per the one link I sent you, it’s not the AUR that’s faulty, nor is it pamac, I think. I suspect something else has happened. Don’t know what.

You can still install packages available in the AUR, but you either have to do it manually, or use another helper. (yay was recommended in the one post.)

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Hard to say, there is a discussion on GitLab about the issue (#1017) if you want more info.

Meanwhile, I use Octopi with Trizen.


OK. I will try yay out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool! (Apparently. Not using it myself.)

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