Pacman gone now after update and now can't enter the OS?

Kernal : Manjaro i3
How it happen : I was updating a package and it said it require openssl 3.0 and i did and it asked me do you want to remove pacman if not the update wont be prcoessing, so i did.

Error : pacman: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So what should i do now ?

Hello @monster :wink:

Classic. Now you experience the problem of a partially updated system. kernel 5.10.75-1-MANJARO is long outdated. Actually, it is 5.10.180-1.

Name                  : linux510
Version               : 5.10.180-1
Description           : The Linux510 kernel and modules
URL                   :
Licenses              : GPL2
Repository            : core
Installed Size        : 84.0 MB
Groups                : --
Depends On            : coreutils linux-firmware kmod initramfs
Optional Dependencies : wireless-regdb: to set the correct wireless channels of your country [Installed]
Provides              : linux=5.10.180 VIRTUALBOX-GUEST-MODULES WIREGUARD-MODULE
Replaces              : --
Conflicts With        : --
Packager              : Manjaro Build Server <>
Build Date            : Wed May 17 13:00:24 2023
Validated By          : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature

I would say you broke your whole system by just installing one package while other packages are not updated.

Boot a live session and fix it in chroot by doing a full upgrade.

Or backup your files and reinstall your system with a current ISO and take care that you do regularly full updates before installing anything new.


how do i boots aa live session ? i already ready a manjaro i3 os in my pendrive and do

pacman -Syu ?

A live session is a bootable usb pen drive which has an ISO “burned” on it.

Not only… you need to switch the root (chroot) from the live session to the local installation. On standard installations it works like that:

sudo manjaro-chroot -a

Then you are on the local installation within that terminal session.
Depending on how old it is, I would recommend also this:

sudo manjaro-chroot -a

I am in my terminal now, but after i do sudo pacman -Syu, the error continue
Error : pacman: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Well, you need to fix it by hand.

Go to and choose a mirror. Open the mirror in a browser and search for openssl-1.1 and download the package. Extract it and copy it by hand as root to your local installation.

Important are these one:


Then it should work again.

Of course do a full upgrade then.

is there a way to copy my live session file into main manajro terminal ?

the live session manjaro dont have internet access, so i am downloading file into a pendrive and open there but somehow once i entering my main manajro terminal i cant find the drive.

Sure, ususally chroot is mounted at /mnt, so without chroot (another terminal):

sudo cp /usr/lib/ /mnt/usr/lib/
sudo cp /usr/lib/ /mnt/usr/lib/

Now is kind worse, after i copy those file into it, i have this error

Error : pacman symbol lookup error /usr/lib/ undefined symbol dl_audit_symbind_alt, version GLIBC_PRIVATE

now i can’t access sudo manjaro-chroot -a anymore, i really did break it all isit haha ?

Yeah… a rolling release is not made to be run without internet and without constantly being updated. Partially updates break it easily. So yeah, you are better off getting a current ISO and install it fresh from there. Fiddling with your current installation is not worth the time.

Think about using a fixed release distro, if you are not able to update it constantly over internet.


Try using pacman-static. It’s statically compiled and will still work even with the issue you’re having. You can download it here.


haaha thanks mate, i reformat it is painful to setup the whole programminng enviroment again but i think is the best solutions, appreciate your help mate, greatful.

No way in after the damage it is done, cant boots into the os even live session manjaro-chroot wont let me access anymore.