Pacman 5.2.2-5 not working on two devices

This may be a duplicate post, but cannot find the first. Could a developer please fix and send out a update asap. @philm. Will not install even in konsole. Thanks. I didn’t change or remove anything. On testing branch. My 1st post will delete in 4 hrs.

pamac is on 10.1.1-2 on Testing; pacman, is on 5.2.2-5.
Can you elaborate the exact problem which are you facing?

That’s because you deleted it.

I changed the title to match the version as @D.Dave pointed out.

What won’t install?

Please post the errors you received.

Tip: When pasting terminal output, highlight it and use the Preformatted text </> button.

Alternatively, add three backticks ` above and below the text:


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I am using unstable branch - and pacman 5.2.2-5 has been here for some time (2021-04-21) working totally as expected.

Also I am old school - that is, I use terminal for almost everything.

If you are having issues it is necessary to see the process as a three part process.

  1. All packages are downloaded
  2. All packages are verified
  3. Unpacking and installing

It is not clear which step you are referring to.

The first step is depending on your internet connection and the mirror(s) in your mirrorlist.

Second stop is usually a no-brainer but can involve signature issues which must be resolved before the update can be executed.

Third step is involving your system and this process is influenced heavily by your system, e.g.

  • your configuration,
  • the number of kernels installed,
  • the state of your root partition’s filesystem,
  • the state of the disk device holding your root partition,
  • the type of device holding your root partition (USB devices age faster than internal devices),
  • the type of updates e.g. updating the window manager and related graphics can benefit from being run from a TTY
  • and probably some I haven’t thought of.

So if your issue is with the third step - you can e.g. remove unneeded kernels before update, you can fsck from a bootable USB.

When you are done checking the filesystem, you can -using the same live system - chroot your system and run the update inside the chroot - this will ensure no open files or in-use libraries while updating.


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Pamac and pacman do not install wine or anything else I tried. Common I stated the same in the ist post. No offense . Just will not install. Disn’t have this problem ever before and I have been with Manjaro for at least 10 years. I am not a Dev. Thank you!
And yes I am on testing.

But what is the error message?

Then you should most certainly know better than the initial post.

Initial release July 10, 2011; 9 years ago - Manjaro - Wikipedia (2021-05-11T12:36:00Z)

This sounds more like an issue with your mirrorlist.

You still haven’t provided anything useful - and the mind reading joke is getting old - so please (and no screenshots only text copied from the terminal and pasted then code fenced - that is select all pasted text and click the </> button in the post toolbar ).

Another option to codefence is like

line bla
sudo pacman-mirrors --continent && sudo pacman -Syyu
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There was an issue with systemd and resolv.conf, but only on new installations. What is actual issue you’re facing? @GE541

Not having problems with downloading updates! Mirrors are up to date. @linux-aarhus , @philm This is a relative fresh install. On two computers, running KDE. I changed nothing pamac and pacman will not install the app. trying to install wine? If you do not want to help me then do not post, i gave you everything I know/have. And without the dreaded screenshots, and I am offended with your response about a mind reading joke. Hardly helpful! so if you can help me fine, but do not insult me. The install/remove buttons are just black and will not Install Or unInstall. I have been setting up and fixing my own problems for @10yrs, but this is beyond me. If it matters it is Wine I am trying to download.

No you didn’t. You haven’t given any outputs, only half explanations.

Please post the output of the following command:

sudo pacman -Syu wine

Excuse me?

Any and all users no matter how long they have used Manjaro are required to supply meaningful information.

You provide only a statement and nothing else and then you expect us to know what is wrong?

And as I said - no screenshots - please use the provided suggestions - and copy the text from the terminal - only then can the community provide meaningful responses.

Then you should now that the statement - this or that does not work - is meaningless, without context.

I have suggested that the reason the package managers does not work is because you are using one or more dead mirrors. Pamac - the GUI package manager uses the same mirror list as pacman.

This can be remedied by using pacman-mirrors - then updating your system.

@Strit suggests you post the output from the terminal trying to install Wine so please do that.


Next to NOT delivering any information you demand fixing “something”? Are you serious?

Wow. 10 years without learning anything about your OS nor how to explain problems with it :man_facepalming:

Now I know this post is most likely going to be deleted, but I hope you get a glimpse on it before.

Your attitude is just disgustig.:face_vomiting:

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Your attitude is nothing to write home about . I just asked for help and got guff from one on the responses. Anyways just forget I posted, I will fix it myself if I can. thanks to everyone who replied. :upside_down_face:

@moson It might be nice if you showed a little empathy and kindness to others. Have a sweet day sugar!

If you don’t want help solving an issue, by providing information that is requested to be able to help you, then don’t post about it.