[Package Request] ckb-next

Any chance “ckb-next” could be added to Manjaro Repo, Gets boring having to build from AUR every update or re-build when a lib gets an update and then having to sudo systemctl enable ckb-next-daemon after update/rebuild, Thanks.

CKB-Next on AUR

I do not believe anyone on the team has Corsair hardware. See:

I think you mean restart, not enable. Once a service is enabled, it’s set to load on startup and does not need to be enabled again. The service would still need to be restarted after the package was updated even if the package were in the repos.

Once it’s updated or rebuilt and then run a dialog pops up telling you to
sudo systemctl start ckb-next-daemon to start it for this session.
sudo systemctl enable ckb-next-daemon to run it after every reboot.

Thanks for the answer, i just don’t like having AUR programs installed as i always worry that a Manjaro update might break, but so far this has not broke an update.

That should only appear upon initial install, not when updating as it’s only in the post_install() function. The post_upgrade() function only runs systemctl daemon-reload which is redundant since that’s automated now.

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Really no different than installing a self-contained package other than having to build it. No more likely to break your system and any other install method.

Okay, Thanks for the info.

Not to worry as I’m not liking the new Gnome 4.2, I will have to change to something like KDE, so i looked up some other Arch based Distro’s and some of them have this and some other programs that i have to install/build from AUR in there Repo’s.

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