Package has a bug. It make qml6 do not work

When I typing qml6 in terminal, it report segmentation fault.
Detail information is in
I do not where I can report this bug, I can not sign up the user in GitLab of Manjaro. Please fix it.


I can not reproduce this bug on KDE Wayland.

$ qml6 --version
Qml Runtime 6.5.2

Did you remove qt6ct?
$ sudo pacman -R qt6ct

I have the same issue on Xfce.

Here: qt6ct makes all Qt Quick applications crash · Issue #32 · trialuser02/qt6ct · GitHub

They suggests to do a rebuild of qt6ct. But is from Manjaro repo.

I cannot post (I don’t know why) here Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux to request a package rebuild.

I just checked on two plasma systems - no segfault - one is stable branch and one is unstable branch.

qml6 doesn’t segfault and qt6ct is not installed.

even installing qt6ct does not cause issues for qml6 - so I am thinking - wrong place?

I remember that kvantum sometimes benefitted from qt5ct being installed? But that is a long time ago.

From querying pacman it seems that no packages depends on qt6ct so why the fuzz around qt6ct? If you think it is creating issues simply remove it.

pacman -Sii qt6ct

On the other hand qt5ct is required by several settings packages

pacman -Sii qt5ct

I use it for what is developed: set the style/theme on QT6 applications.

At little OT - where do you set QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME?

In /etc/environment

In xfce it is set by default in ~/.profile

export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano
export GTK2_RC_FILES="$HOME/.gtkrc-2.0"

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Posting an update request for qt6 packages imported from Arch would just irk @yocahnnon with another false positive

Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux
Please check if the package is already updated or flagged out of date before posting:
Arch Linux - Package Search

Arch repository does not have updated versions of qt6ct or qt6-declarative and packages are not flagged out of date

One qt6 related package flagged out of date on Arch - poppler-qt6

Arch will not update qt6ct until the author does a new release, current release is 0.8 from Mar 12.

You can uninstall qt6ct and try qt6ct-git from AUR which will have this fix from last week.


Just for the record, the issue has been fixed in release 0.9:

qt6ct makes all Qt Quick applications crash · Issue #32 · trialuser02/qt6ct · GitHub

Fixed in the 0.9 release.

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