OpenRazer on Manjaro KDE not working

Hey, after years of Logitech I bought Razer products (Razer Huntsman Elite TKL and Razer Viper Ultimate) because I use Windows only for gaming and mainly Linux. With internal memory I thought I can set up the keyboard and the mouse and don’t need any software anymore, but thats wrong. I found OpenRazer and both devices are supported.

  1. run sudo gpasswd -a $USER plugdev
  2. install AUR (en) - openrazer
  3. reboot
  4. install RazerGenie GitHub - z3ntu/RazerGenie: Qt application for configuring your Razer devices under GNU/Linux.

First run it found 3 devices (third one is the dock for the mouse) but just show ID or serial number and after reboot “no devices found” :confused:

Kernel 5.14 Plasma 5.22.5
Mouse wireless with dock
Keyboard over USB

Try to read this? Troubleshooting · openrazer/openrazer Wiki · GitHub

Strange… after lsusb | grep 1532 nothing happen, like its loading but never end :confused:
Now lsusb even dont work… after reboot I try lsusb and find all devices but still it’s not working

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 1532:0243 Razer USA, Ltd Huntsman Tournament Edition
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1532:007e Razer USA, Ltd RC30-030502 Mouse Dock
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 1532:007b Razer USA, Ltd RC30-0305 Gaming Mouse Dongle [Viper Ultimate (Wireless)]

Came across this issue with a RZ03-0203 Gaming Keyboard [BlackWidow Chroma V2] .
After those steps the device wasn’t recognized so used polychromatic throubleshoot and checked the red flags. Was super useful and easy to see the issues I was having and the reasons so, In my case:
$ dkms install -m openrazer-driver/3.1.0
$ sudo pacman -S linux515-headers
Unplug the keyboard, plug it again and restart openrazer-daemon and voila!

I hope that helps some how

For reference: Troubleshooting · openrazer/openrazer Wiki · GitHub

If somebody need help, here u go

I already ask for help and still can’t set it up.

Thread is closed and I find a way but still can’t set it up on Manjaro but on EndeavourOS I can, so maybe this time somebody can help me.

What I did on EndeavourOS:
1. sudo pacman -S linux-headers
2. install
3. sudo gpasswd -a USERNAME plugdev
4. Reboot

After that I can open Polychromatic and anything work out of box.
On Manjaro, when I type in “sudo pacman -S linux-headers” it ask me “which one” and if I take “linux516-headers” its not working.

I test KDE on EndeavourOS because on Manjaro its still full of bugs with multi monitor setup and Radeon RX6000 GPU. Now I use Manjaro GNOME with 5.16 Kernel.

For kernel 5.16 you need to install linux516-headers and same terminology is used for other kernels also. Can you switch to 5.15 kernel instead and try there. Also share some sys info:

If it work on EndeavourOS it is a no-brainer which one to use.

@ishaan2479 I already try it but I still can not understand, whats the problem and why the Terminal on EndeavourOS ask me this question.
@linux-aarhus for a noob like me Manjaro is much better (UI and dont need Terminal). I just try it because I read “KDE on Manjaro is broken with dual monitor setup”