Open Applications Not Highlighting In Task Bar

Hello everyone, recently after performing an update with pacman my system stopped displaying which applications are currently open in the taskbar. As you can see in the attached screenshot whlie I have an application open its icon will display in the taskbar however there will not be any highlighting of the currently selected or open applications.

What I have tried so far:

  • Restarting
  • Reinstalling Kde Plasma with pacman
  • Downgrading to kernel 5.15.94-1

Is there perhaps a configuration option for this in a file somewhere? I have been unsucessful in finding any options that would allow for changing of this behavior within the GUI settings managers.


Hi @SnakeJ419, welcome to the Manjaro Forum.

Just guessing now and probably not the case but do you have other Activities maintained in

  • System Settings > Workspace Behavior > Activities

Depending on your settings you can open windows in a different activity and then they wouldn’t highlight on the active one.

Also it looks like you have selected actually a different Virtual Desktop than where the window is located. Desktop 1 has the window and Desktop 3 is selected. Maybe I am wrong.

Please check the following settings also:

  • System Settings > Window Management > Task Switcher > Filter Windows by:
  • Right click on task bar/ panel > Edit > Configure Icons only Task Manager > Behavior > Show only tasks:
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Hi all, after a recent update I ran into the same issue. I tried checking the settings mentioned by @raguse above, but without any success. Also several reboots could not solve the problem. Could you please check my attached settings and give me an advice?

I have only two Desktops and selected the one with the active windows. Under my Task Switcher settings the filter by virtual desktops and activities is selected, but disabling them did not took any effect.
The KDE panel shows only tasks from current desktop and current activity.

Thanks for any help!

The issue got fixed by the latest update to plasma 5.27.5.

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I had the same problem and found adding Window Buttons to the Panel provided the indication of, and the means of switching between opened applications.