Only the pointer visible after login (GNOME)

After upgrading to the latest version of Manjaro GNOME,
After the login I get a black screen were only the poi ter is available.

I have tried changing to GNOME classic, but no difference.
The fans also keep spinning at max speed.
I only have one Kernel installed.
Kernel: 5.4.131-1
GRUB: 2.04

What should I do?
I am seeing the same issue on another machine with different hardware.

Thanks a lot for your support

OK, it seems the problem is related to some GNOME extension.

I was able to loging after opening the TTY3 using CTRL-ALT + F3.
Once I logged in I disabled all the user-installed extensions using the command

gsettings set disable-user-extensions true

Will now further investigate to find the extension preventing the GNOME session to properly start.

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Thank you very much! Had the same issue after the latest update

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