Octopi in Manjaro

Is Octopi actively development in official repositories in Manjaro? I see in AUR oportunity to update to higher version than official version in Manjaro.

I see 0.10.0-1 in ‘community’ and ‘0.11.0-1’ in the AUR.

The Official way to do it in Manjaro is with pamac - pamac is better, though I always use terminal for installing software myself… I did find that Pamac has an easier workflow than Octopi myself.


Add AUR search to your portfolio of searches :wink:

But official as package may can still update?. I prefer this GUI package manager.

Sorry, I don’t understand. Obviously you can choose which version you install with your chosen AUR helper. The version in the Official repos is obviously the Official version for Manjaro, but you can go with the AUR version if you like.

I prefer update official, not AUR I asked about Manjaro abandon Octopi or not.

Manjaro doesn’t maintain Octopi.

Is this a language problem ?

  • octopi is in the manjaro repos. It is not abandoned!!
  • yes, it is preferred using official manjaro repos.
  • do you have instlled it from AUR? Use the one from manjaro repos!


…also my opinion, but again, if you prefer octopi, use the one from the official manjaro repos.

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Philip Mueller packages it, which means it is maintained by Manjaro, basically OP wants it to be updated, so the appropriate thread for @Pawef would be here: Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers


This is confusing -
I see this:
octopi repository : community

Stable : 0.10.0-1
Testing : 0.10.0-1
Unstable : 0.10.0-1

The question was about ‘development’, now we have information about ‘packaging’ which is taking work from other developers and adding it to the main repos.

Language is, indeed, a huge issue. I can sit on a train with non-native speakers and completely fail to understand how they understand each other when the actual language they’re using is confused and muddled… so we must take care with these definitions so that they match up with dictionary useage - otherwise we’re all lost in the soup.

I thought unstable came from Arch and got fed through to our stable a little later. I’m sure Octopi still comes from Arch and is only packaged here, not developed.

Anyway, despite marking this as the solution, no Update request was posted in that thread…

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