OBS Studio Browser Source missing

OBS Studio Browser Source missing? Not sure if its a bug.

The browser is included with obs-studio. What’s missing exactly?

Good news! Starting with version 25, OBS Studio ships with browser source that work on Linux.

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I’m not sure what you mean by that. obs-studio is in the Manjaro community repository. obs-linuxbrowser is available from the AUR, both as a readily installable binary package (obs-linuxbrowser-bin) and as source code (obs-linuxbrowser or obs-linuxbrowser-git) that needs to be compiled on your local system.


pamac build obs-linuxbrowser-bin

… or…

pamac build obs-linuxbrowser

… or…

pamac build obs-linuxbrowser-git

No need for that anymore, see above. :wink:

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I am running ver 25.08, in the source pick list there is no Browser to select.

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It seems it will be available in v26. I guess there was a bug that needed to be fixed first:

Thanks for the update!

maybe its just be but im not seeing it:

Hey, no it’s not just you I also have this problem… :confused:
I tried the obs- linuxbrowser plugin but it does not work.

i had to use the AUR git master build :man_shrugging: