Browser source in obs-studio

Is the “solution” to use flatpak instead of the extra repos to get browser source in obs-studio?
The AUR packages are VERY old, have not tried them and should not have to either since it’s supposed to be included since LONG anyway.

I would prefer not having to install flatpak for this.
I also use the pipewire sound plugin installed from AUR to separate sound, maybe I can get that to work in the flatpak version, IDK, but is the recommendation still to use flatpak or snap?

obs-studio comes from Arch Linux, and they won’t implement it: FS#66008 : [obs-studio] Add support for the official browser plugin The Maintainer there refer to AUR (en) - obs-studio-git if you need the browser plugin because he doesn’t like idea of having an extra CEF package just for obs-studio, since it needs a very specific version and doesn’t work with the latest one.

obs-studio developers officially support Flatpak: Download | OBS therefore it is recommendation by the developers here.

Maybe I missunderstand something here, but isn’t the extra repository something Manjaro maintains and builds?
And if so, isn’t it a matter of how that package is build? Is it build from aur and not the official sources?

Maybe I completely misunderstand how it works, but in the official obs this have been default for a LONG time as also stated by a Manjaro moderator TWO YEARS AGO in the thread I linked to.

No. Manjaro retrieve ArchLinux packages and just overlay with additional packages.

I guess so. Look here: PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

It builds/installs cef-minimal-obs-bin additionally from the AUR and built it with: -DBUILD_BROWSER=ON and -DCEF_ROOT_DIR="/opt/cef-obs".

So it IS supposed to be in the package if I understand you correctly (the link you posted is the PKGBUILD Manjaro uses to build the package in the repo) and what I am experiencing is a bug?

Maybe this is related to me somehow 3 years later…

Yes, building obs-studio-git with cef-minimal-3770 works for me. It does not work with cef-minimal.
OBS is missing new browser source feature / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux Forums

No. Again:

  1. An extra cef package was rejected by the maintainer of the ArchLinux package.
  2. The PKGBUILD is from the AUR and has no relation to Manjaro.
  3. It is not a bug, but intentional.

2 options: Built it yourself or use a flatpak. That’s it.


To conclude, Manjaros version of obs-studio does not and will not work with browser sources.
This means the package is completely worthless for anybody who wants to use f.ex Twitch alerts.

IMHO the package should either INFORM about this or be removed.

To be fair, on the OBS webpage for browser-source Browser Source | OBS it does say for Linux(through official packages), as we all know the Arch/Manjaro/AUR versions are not official packages.

Personally, I’d go with the recommended way and go with the Flatpak version.

It was never included ever. ArchLinux package is unofficial and since it is a 1:1 copy in Manjaro the same case takes place. Why should one inform you that something was removed, when it was never included?

True, and that is why, again IMHO, the Manjaro version should INFORM that it is not based of the official package so features will be missed. IE making it completely worthless if you want to stream on twitch.

That would mean that Manjaro has to maintain its own package and don’t rely on ArchLinux. I guess that will not be going to happen here.

Yes, I thought it was called package managing…
I see lots of stuff not available through Manjaro packages, I always assumed it was because the end result would not be great. One would assume that a streaming software that wont work well on the biggest streaming platforms would fall under that category.

Yes, in that case it is not great for the maintainer for this package, since at some point it can just break and creates extra fiddle work. If the OBS-Team included CEF in their Git Repo, then that wouldn’t be a problem at all, but now it depends on an outsourced binary package.

obs-studio 29.1.3-1 in Manjaro extra repository is inherited from Arch (maintainer: and does not have an option to add a browser source suggests installing AUR packages for browser source module:

The version of obs-studio available in Manjaro repo will not work with browser sources.

If I recall correct - from some years back - the problem is the rolling release paradigm.

This doesn’t allow for including obs-studio as it would break after a while - causing severe issues.

Yes - but as the packager is not paid and doing it in free time - the packagar has to consider if it is worth the effort

This is exactly the reason - the end result from making the addon work would cause other issues - and it has been deemed a lost cause upstream.

That is the way …

That was why I was suggesting removing it, to me it clearly lands under “apps not suitable” for the repo. You need browser sources for to stream. The quality of the repo app is simply not there.
I’m not ungrateful for all work being done, but if the end result is bad, why spend time doing it?

The flatpak version is there and seems to work great although some plugins have to be managed manually, no biggie.

There is also the possibility to build from the AUR ofc, but if it’s constantly going to break, why bother.

From that repo:

Notice for the next future update: Manjaro code path will be dropped while switching to FFmpeg 6. So I will only focus on ArchLinux support.

I think I’ll pass on that one.

Well I am no a user of this app.

To my understanding the app is used to record ones desktop and that would likely still be possible without the browser sources or am I completely mistaken?

Of course if the expectation is to be able to stream and that is not possible then one have to adjust the expectation.

As I remember the app has been like it is on Arch and by inheritance Manjaro for years.

I just checked the AUR script page - I have to say - that message is very clear :slight_smile:

Flatpak is not that bad - and if it works …

Another thought - the mesa difference between upstream Arch and Manjaro … that would likely also present issues with relation to encoding the streams.

So if obs-studio and streaming is important - perhaps EndeavourOS will gain some traction.

You NEED browser sources to be able to utilize visual chat interaction, ie lets say someone donates money, you want that to be broadcasted with a visual alert on the stream. That alert is made by connecting the “browser source” to obs.

First I thought, sure, I’ll just have that webpage open in a firefox window, catch that window somehow and the sound will play, but that won’t work:

  1. Only chrome browser can open those web pages.
  2. Even if I installed chrome, the name of the window changes so I have to manually constantly make sure it is working.
  3. I have not tested installing chrome, but multiple other posts suggests that it does not work anyway. It’s simply not supposed to be utilized that way.

You can still stream and record ofc, but you loose out on all automatic visual viewer interaction, witch is like 90% of the way to catch and interact with viewers (except for chatting ofc).

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