Nvidia-utils update breaks dependency; upgrading nvidia

I seem to be having a novel problem updating the nvidia drivers. I don’t remember exactly how I did this before, I think the past of least resistance was to install the latest drivers with pacman, switch to latest drivers with mhwd and then uninstall the old drivers.

On pacman -Syyu I’m currently getting:

:: installing nvidia-utils (510.47.03-4) breaks dependency 'nvidia-utils=495.46' required by linux514-nvidia

I don’t actually see the 510 drivers in the repository, so it might be that nvidia-utils just got too far ahead of the rest of the repo.

Any advice on how to update to latest drivers? Thanks.

5.14 is EOL. Switch to a supported kernel:

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux515

Then reboot into 5.15. Press Esc during boot to get into grub menu > advanced options and boot with 5.15. Double check your running kernel is not 5.14 then remove it:

uname -r #to check kernel version
sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux514 #this should automatically remove linux514-nvidia
sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu 

Uh oh… when I try mhwd -i linux515 it throws the same “nvidia-utils breaks dependency” error, so it doesn’t seem to want to even let me update the kernel.

sudo pacman -Rdd linux514-nvidia #and try again
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Great, thanks.

For reference, I first installed the 5.15 kernel and when I rebooted the display server would not start because I had no display driver for that kernel at all. I installed nvidia-utils (along with linux515-nvidia) through pacman, and rebooted to a working display server. This allowed me to reboot to a working display server, and I was able to uninstall 5.14 and upgrade the rest of the packages as normal.


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