NVIDIA Old Driver - Rolling Release - Leaving Manjaro

Should you switch distributions if you could not get NVIDIA legacy drivers going on your Manjaro system?

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For me, it took 5 days and over 13 complete rebuilds while I tried various combinations of linux kernels and legacy nvidia proprietary drivers. All of it was in vain. At best, I had an unstable system. No problem with the nouveau “open source video driver” but performance was suddenly much worse than it had been for years.
My legacy system ran Linux Manjaro with XFCE successfully and I enjoyed to benefits of the excellent Arch Linux based Manjaro distro continues to offer. I am grateful. I was however, pressed for time and once I read the reasons for Manjaro’s developers to finally let go of NVIDIA I completely agreed.

Its a brave, necessary and intelligent move for the Linux community. Manjaro is doing the right thing.

Unfortunately, being pressed for time, my simplest course of action was to switch to Linux Mint. I did so without problem and was able to resume my work enjoying the benefits of the better performance offered by the legacy NVIDIA driver.

Will I return to Manjaro one day? Absolutely; when I no longer have a computer fitted with an NVIDIA card.

IMHO Nvidia is loosing an important client base by continuing to refuse to play nice with the open-source community.

The open source movement is known for circumventing any obstacles created by closed source.

They will continue to adapt, improvise and overcome. Its a historical fact.


Too bad, because the Linux 5.4 LTS version would have been a GeForce GT 610…

Do you have a dual boot?


By following the 340 dkms drivers installation provided on philm’s GitHub, you couldn’t have it to work? That’s weird.

For me the 390 drivers currently provided are half broken, but I got no response on the thread I opened… but the 340 drivers work perfectly on friends computers for old Nvidia cards.

Before leaving, maybe try that, clean system from any previous Nvidia, follow the guide, then make sure to blacklist Nvidia drivers from updating if you have the AUR enabled as it would try to update from the AUR (what you don’t want with this DKMS installation guide provided by philm).

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