NTFS partitions are gone from dolphin

I’m on a dual boot system. until a few weeks ago I could mount my two NTFS windows partitions directly from dolphin (they were listed under devices like other currently not mounted devices and with a click they were mounted and opened). For some reason this option is gone and they don’t show up anymore. So currently I’ve to mount them the old fashioned way via terminal. Could you help me to fix this and get the one-click-mount back?

Not directly an answer to what you want to achieve, but then again, after reading this, you will realize that what you want to achieve was not the best approach in the first place. :wink:


Can you enable “Show All Entries” to check if they are not just accidentally hidden?



Also, not a direct answer, but likely a useful link, if you really must use NTFS under Linux:

Thanks - that was indeed the solution. I already did try right clicks, but it seems that “Show all Entries” is only displayed if you right-click on the word “Devices”. Didn’t try that. So thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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