Not sure if system is working at best

I got the hardware in the screenshot below, I’m not sure it’s well configured (new to Manjaro)

  • Wifi working but not seen. It’s a mediatek 7921e with mt61 driver, which I got working thankfully to some friends here.
    I thought it should be part of firmware from kernel 5.16, which I’m using

  • GPU is fine too, using wayland on KDE but I’m confused if it’s using the right driver. which one should be ticked?

any enlightment))?


Probably the best place to find information is here:

Like this page:

Your amdgpu is opensource and supported by the kernel … no need to mess with the driver unless you want to do advanced configuration ala something like here:

Likely your wireless card is similar … but nonetheless it is not thei nded use of mhwd.

If you want an overview of your system please see this:

thanks for your reply. I’l have a read