Not booting after general package update

hey guys. I just bought a new laptop, and it runs on fairly new hardware (i7 11th gen, 3070). long story short, I started distro hopping and ended up on manjaro gnome, which was honestly the best distro i tried. anyways, after my first installation i simply ran ‘pacman -Syu’ to get the latest packages, and after reboot manjaro was bricked. it wouldn’t even show a loading animation, so I reinstalled manjaro, since i didn’t really wanna look into why this happened. as you might expect it happened again. this time i tried booting on runlevel 3 to check if the problem were the graphic drivers, but nothing changed. by removing splash and quiet i could see that it would get stuck when systemd was trying to start the hostname service. anybody have any idea how i can fix this? I just fell in love with manjaro and I can’t think of turning back to something like mint (every debian based distro i tried worked fine)

Of the 3 big ones, gnome version is certainly most error prone. If you feel adventurous, try kde or xfce to ensure or confirm if the problem is related to your hardware with gnome.

Also, i thought manjaro ditched the loading animation quite some time ago, to have “seamless boot”, did they bring it back?

I’d also suggest looking at the Budgie release for something that should be familiar to Gnome users but is a little different. I’ve had very few issues, in fact, it solved some things I had problems with in xfce, KDE, and Mate. But definitely check out some other options. I’ve had very few system fracturing issues, mostly little niggles.

I’ll take a look tysm

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It has nothing to do with the Desktop Environment you chose. You most likely need to add ibt=off to your kernel parameters.

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thanks! should I add it to the default grub parameters?

Yes, that’s right.

ok tysm that worked!

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