Not able to load desktop after update

I’m sure this is a very newbie question but I’m stuck so I better ask. I’m using a nvidia gt720, using nvidia drivers and after the update I’m not able to get to my desktop, I tried getting to tty by ctrl alt f2 but it doesnt work, what am I missing? thanks

I had to chroot into the system from the live USB manjaro and after that, I used the mhdw command to install the nvidia drivers

so thanks for the help, the issue is solved

Cool beans.
If it was just the video drivers that should not have been necessary.
(runlevel 3 or similar should have sufficed)
But I am glad the issue is resolved.

I tried everything, chroot was the only thing that worked, maybe there is some other issue…

I think what is suggested here is that you may have been able to simply use another TTY while in the ‘unbootable’ state (desktop not loading), with the usual keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+F3, or use the run level 3 which is easy to do if I’m not wrong, simply append the number 3 to you grub startup command line from grub menu directly (it should drop you in a root terminal I think). Chroot from live USB is more for when you can’t do that, or if you prefer having a GUI to fix things.

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