Update borked something

Please excuse my ignorance I’ve only been using this OS for about a month.

A few hours ago I went ahead and updated a whole bunch of stuff from the package manager, I assume this had something to do with the update Manjaro put out today. Regardless, I can’t get the os to boot instead I get stuck at a screen along the lines of:
/Dev/sda1: clean, 794131/7331840 files, 22132109/29304312

This has happened to me once before when I installed new Nvidia drivers (after which I just reinstalled the OS) so I suspect that is the case but I have no idea where to start.

I can access some sort of command line by hitting ctrl+alt+f2 but im not sure if that would enable me to solve my problems.

Thank you in advance

Probably your card cant handle 495 … use mhwd to remove it and reinstall 470.


mhwd -l -d
sudo mhwd -r pci video-nvidia 
sudo mhwd -f -i pci video-nvidia-470xx
systemctl reboot

Ah ha she works! I couldn’t reinstall from the command line but the uninstall switched everything over to the open source drivers and I slapped the 470xx drivers firmly into place and everything is hunky dory. Thank you.

Thanks, you saved me, did this from a live-boot(had to learn ‘’ Chroot’’ first) and it work.
I am now in the new LTS kernel and the 470 NVIDIA (that i removed and installed via live-boot).

On a side note, always read the update announcements, they list the know issues and solution, you could have saved you the trouble by reading it, and doing it after the update:

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I only discover these kind of posts Literally right now, so thanks.
And i have to say even with this is still better than windows 11, i change for Linux just now, and 1 12-months ago and my GTX660 gets droppe, my next card WILL be from AMD after the prices become livable in Brasil,(right now de dollar is 6X my country money(Real)) and both me and the whole country do not have much money normally and this pandemic is being rough.###.
By, thanks again and have a good night.

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