No wifi or cellular

Just got the phone, found that it was completely unable to update with the software utility as the database was locked. Phone was difficult to use, everything seemed to be greatly out of date.

I found the manjaro common problems page, and it said to use the command:
sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

I then ran an update using pacman, and it appears to have updated everything to Phosh. Only issue is, it updated the wireless firmware also, and now I have no connection to wifi or cellular.

Flash it wit another img and see if that issue persists.

Thank you for your reply!

Sorry for the late reply, but after I rebooted my phone about two or three times, the cellular came back up! I ended up having too much fun, that I forgot to give you guys an update.

I will modify the .conf soon, and run another update :slight_smile:

My last test was more successful with the latest img of PlaMo beta 1

so now my conf is pointing to arm-stable