No UI upon restart


So I rebooted manjaro today. It seems to boot allright, and I can login via the TTY to just use the console, but apparently after restart I don’t have any UI.

I did nothing recently, just restarted the computer. I may or not have rebooted after the last time I updated (can’t remember), which would be a few days ago.

So how do I troubleshoot this exactly? Any ideas of likely culprits? I tried different kernels (I’m on 5.10 and rebooted on 5.4, including the fallbacks).

I’m going to try a previous timeshift. But ideally would fix the actual issue!

EDIT: I’m currently restoring an older timeshift, but I think the graphic card is nvidia. Will check once I can.


Okay, so restoring to an older timeshift works - I now have a UI upon restart. Going to troubleshit this live, maybe it’ll help another poor soul someday.

With the older timeshift, I have a few ouputs:

lspci  -v -s  $(lspci | grep ' VGA ' | cut -d" " -f 1)


NVIDIA GK208B (GeForce GT710), with Kernel Driver in use: nvidia, kernel modules: nouveau, nvidia_drm, nvidia

mhwd -li


video-nvidia version 2020.11.30 (non free driver) TYPE PCI
video-linux version 2018.05.04 (free) type PCI


Driver version: 470.63.01 Cuda version: 11.4

And kernel is 5.10.79-1

Best practice is to reboot after each update, especially when it concerns critical packages.

Agree! but then I didn’t. (And at any rate I assume I would have been writing this same message 2 days ago instead of now). And maybe I did actually - so it may or not be the issue.

In terms of suggestion to fix/troubleshoot, you would… ?

Look at the problem with nvidia there

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Basically you have to update and then change the nvidia driver series to 470 and reboot

AH yes that looks like it would be useful…

OKAY in my defense (lest Falav rips my as a sysadmin once more), I TYPICALLY do reboot after every fresh and install and I DO usually have a look at the update details…

(and also in my defense I’m using timeshift, so I’m not a COMPLETE idiot…)

… but I’m a bit overwhelmed by life theses days, and I might have been picking up bad habits. Will look a this and likely just make this as answered, I’m sure it’ll work out.

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Well, as you did not precise which Desktop Environment you use, I can tell what I did a few days ago in a similar situation.

I reinstalled a fresh Manjaro Gnome version last weekend, and wanted to get rid of Plymouth. I disabled all systemd services related, and uninstalled all Plymouth packages. But as some of these are dependecies of critical packages, I ended with broken GUI system at reboot, with TTY working.

I got a look to Pamac history, took a note of all the packages removed (gdm by ex), reinstalled them and finally enabled gdm service.

In short, find what you remove and reinstall it.

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Well, I’m on xfce4, so I don’t have these silly issues!


Ah yeah I haven’t changed anything system-wise in a while, so likely what Aris pointed to. Thanks for the pointing this out, who knows!

And look, I see this thread as a positive contribution, I’m sure another dummy somewhere will panic with out UI upon restart at crunch time and will start googling thing, perhaps this thread lesssens the chances the aforementioned dummy(ies) will create yet more threads and instead be redirected where they should be from here!


My first tries at Linux, even with Manjaro, when I had panic attacks after a (seemingly) broken system, I ended up reinstall all from scratch.

After a while, when you know more and more about your system (and whith help of this great forum too), there will be less and less times when you have to give up and reinstall your system. You’ll always (likely) find a fix.

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Okay, here’s the full deal - hardware was as stated above.

SO I had to uninstall the drivers:

pamac remove nvidia-utils linux510-nvidia cuda

Then re-install:

mhwd -i pci video-nvidia-470xx

Then reboot and everything is fine.

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