No more loggin ... - laptop - upgrade 03/11/2017 :-)

Hello everybody
I have a very stupid problem: After I updated my Manjaro Linux an update today, I’m no longer in the system. LightDM shows me more loggin GUI but I can get over it. The keyboard shortcuts [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F #] will not work, even [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Fn] + [F #] will not work. This means that I do not come to a Linux console and therefore can not do anything with this system anymore. How could I go ahead (except Googling) and why could that be?
Greetings Spite77

restart with USB key install
open terminal
manjaro-chroot -a

then you DOWNGRADE libinput
may be you need install downgrade before
pacman -S downgrade

not forget exit to leave chroot
before reboot

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:blush: Thank you very much this work fine! :blush:

The Error ist this:

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