No GRUB after Manjaro install and can't boot into liveusb

I recently tried installing Manjaro KDE using the latest iso on my Dell Inspiron 11-3162. I had no trouble getting into the live environment and installing Manjaro to the internal emmc drive. Manjaro reported that the install was successful so I opted to reboot the system. However, instead of seeing GRUB, I saw a screen saying that “no bootable device was found” and now when I try to use a live USB, I can get to the GRUB menu for the live USB but once selecting a boot option all I get is a black screen and I can’t access the live environment. Does anyone have any suggestions on what went wrong and what I can do to fix it? (I’ve already tried different USB drives and different isos and distros. Same story - so I think the problem is most likely the laptop itself)

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