No functioning mirror in Australia says
“This mirror has been decommissioned and will be taken offline soon.”
has not synched for 947 hours
And it was also very delayed two weeks ago, last time I updated.

Sorry I can’t help to organize a better mirror.
For whoever arranges it: try internode and aarnet.
Here you can see several good mirrors in Aus:
( for some reason I can’t include active links ! )

Yeah that’s old.

It’s a spam prevention thing on the forum.

Wait so are you telling us that the Australian mirror is being taken down or just down for now?

You know how many people and clients of mine that are now no longer have the ability to update and will have to change mirrors now?..

Check with the hoster(s) why they decommissioned it. (Or why it is not syncing for the other one)

No. But you can easily create your own mirror server and serve “your clients” with updates.

It is fairly easy to setup a mirror

Its up to the host. Manjaro doesnt control it.
That said … it doesnt mean you get no updates. Just that there (currently) isnt a working mirror in australia.
Theres about 100 other countries thats also true for.
There seems to be some working in Indonesia, Japan, Phillipines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand though in the region.
If you would like one in Australia then maybe you know someone who would host it? Like a university? Maybe you would like to do it yourself?

I could host one in future but not now currently also how would I be able to contact the server mirror about the issue?

I might edit the mirror conf and add multiple mirrors like you would on Arch for better redundancy between the worldwide mirror and a couple others for now.

sure, do:

sudo pacman-mirrors -c all -i && sudo pacman -Syyu

(this will reset your whole mirror list and let you choose a handful of mirrors to create a new list)


what mirror is worldwide?

I wonder if we Can get AARNet to host the Mirror?

For non Australians, it’s this AARNet - Wikipedia

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Yeah maybe they could host it

So what does worldwide do?

Worldwide means the list will have mirrors from all over the world in it.

Ah yeah thats handy so it automatically does the redundancy of mirrors for you?

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So I assume since worldwide does the job of the command above

sudo pacman-mirrors -c all -i && sudo pacman -Syyu

It is easier to just use worldwide instead of picking random servers?

I tried but no luck. they closed my ticket as will not do

I have actually just setup a mirror hosted out of SYD Australia.
Need some people to test it for me.

you can access it here at,
You can add it to your custom pacman-mirrors list in /var/lib/pacman-mirrors/custom-mirrors.json
It should look some thing like,

        "branches": [
        "continent": "Oceania",
        "country": "Australia",
        "last_sync": "07:13",
        "protocols": [
        "resp_time": 0,
        "url": ""

This is just for testing, every thing else should update auto once i get added to the official list.


Well like to test it later…

Lots of info on pacman-mirrors here, Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro Linux

I can test it out tho it would be better if it appears on the Manjaro mirror list so it could be more trusted.