No CPU and Network graphs - user config issue

I noticed today (yesterday there was a testing update that I applied) that on my KDE system monitor there is no CPU and Network graphs:

It looks the same as in case:

However, I checked my testing user vanilla configs, and it looks like there is no such problem. Clearly the issue is with my user configs, but I don’t know which ones.

First, I thought that this has something to do with theming, since I changed it lately, so I reverted to Breeze defaults. Nope, that didn’t fix it. So what now?

Any idea which config may be at fault?

EDIT: On some forum, the solution to that was copy the default “SystemLoad2.sgrd” file from /usr/share/ksysguard/ to ~/.local/share/ksysguard/. The problem is, when I did that, the tab VANISHED! I can’t get it back :frowning:

Just remove that ~/.local/share/ksysguard directory again should revert it to use the system wide configs…

That made it even worse… All my tabs are gone except the basic one with all the processes. Restoring the folder with all its original files didn’t fix it. Again, it has to be saved somewhere else.

Got it! Sort of. I restored ksysguard to the default state but all my additional tabs I added are gone.

All I had to do was to delete ~/.config/ksysguardrc

This also fixed the issue with CPU and Network not being shown.

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