New Raspberry Pi Kernels & Related Packages

Thanks. 5.8.14 is working suite well AFAIK : I don’t have docker for now.
Stay tuned for 5.9.0 release next week and its governor default change for ARM64.

I make a test kernel using schedutil as the default governor a few months ago and put it on the forum and the ones that tested it said the performance was not as good. Maybe they have stream lined it by now.

I thought about it overnight and built you a kernel to evaluate. Since they are going to promote the 5.9-rc Sunday to 5.9 I figure pretty much is already in place. I disabled the CPU_FREQ_DEFAULT_GOV_ONDEMAND and enabled the CPU_FREQ_DEFAULT_GOV_SCHEDUTIL governor.

Because it appears they have not optimized for aarch64 until the 5.9 kernel may be the reason why the test kernel I posted previously was being reported as under performing.


I updated the post above with the latest releases with the new kernel linux-rpi4-rc-5.9.rc8-2 to test using the SCHEDUTILgovernor.

I’ve updated to 5.9.rc8-2 and for now I don’t see any differences.
I’ll keep you in touch.

RPi upgraded their bootloader files yesterday. The most noticable was to reduce the sdcard read overhead. Every little bit helps…


The new packages has been pushed to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync.

raspberrypi-bootloader 20201008-1
raspberrypi-bootloader-x 20201008-1
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The 5.9.0 is available on the rpi repo. That was fast !

Yes it was. I just woke up. Will drink some coffee first. and will start compiling.

:coffee: :wink:

I couldn’t find if Tobias Schramm’s patch (ARM: dts: bcm2711: Enable ddr modes on emmc2 controller) was included and if yes in which version. Do you know that ?

Links : Linux Patch Proposed To Double Raspberry Pi 4 Transfer Speed To eMMC/SD Storage - Phoronix
Linux Patch Proposed To Double Raspberry Pi 4 Transfer Speed To eMMC/SD Storage - Phoronix

From reading it looks like it was on hold with upstream because supposedly not all sdcards were not compatible.

One comment:

“I believe when asked at the time the board came out, the Foundation rep said that not all cards were stable at UHS DDR speeds and that the support cost wasn’t worth it to them.”

But it looks like RPi might has been working on some sort of a variant involving the .dtb and patching the kernel tree with a Fedora guy. Last commit was 3 days ago in the Fedora guy’s tree.

Last commit

Commit push in progress thread

linux-rpi4-mainline has now been promoted fro 5.8 to 5.9 I pushed the new kernel packages to to the unstable branch when the mirrors sync.

They have optimized SCHEDUTIL for a cpu governor in this kernel so I enabled it instead of using the ONDMAND govenor. Let me know what you think after testing a little.

linux-rpi4-mainline 5.9.0-1
linux-rpi4-mainline-headers 5.9.0-1

@Darksky Instructions for switching branch are available in the WIKI.

There one thing I don’t understand : I’ve updated last week-end with direct download your 5.9.0-rc8 packages and now even if I look for updates I don’t find update kernel (even if I check on the server if the linux-rpi4-mainline 5.9.0-1 is located). Do I have to do anything special ? (i.e. direct download the new kernel to come back to normal process ?)

You will have to switch to the unstable branch also.Wait for the mirrors to sync. When you do that do a -Syu occasionally and check for the new kernel with -Ss linux-rpi4-mainline.

I’m already on the unstable branch.
My mirror is up to date.

$ pacman -Ss linux-rpi4-mainline
core/linux-rpi4-mainline 5.9.0-1
The Linux Kernel and modules - Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit kernel
core/linux-rpi4-mainline-headers 5.9.0-1
Header files and scripts for building modules for linux kernel - Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit kernel

But it doesn’t update

$ pamac list -i | grep -i linux-rpi4
linux-rpi4-rc 5.9.rc8-2 105,9 Mo
linux-rpi4-rc-headers 5.9.rc8-2 46,8 Mo

You are on the linux-rpi4-rc kernel you have to manually switch instead of doing a -Syu.

sudo pacman -S linux-rpi4-mainline linux-rpi4-mainline-headers

The linux-rpi4-mainline kernel is now version 5.9.0 instead of 5.8.??. I move the -rc when it is promoted to linux-rpi4-mainline. The next -rc will be 5.10-rc.

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You’re right that fixed my updated :

$ pamac list -i | grep -i linux-rpi4
linux-rpi4-mainline 5.9.0-1 core 106,1 Mo
linux-rpi4-mainline-headers 5.9.0-1 core 46,8 Mo

I thought I didn’t have to specify the mainline “attribute” and I thought the higher version should suffice.

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Great!!. You might want to move back to the stable branch if you have not done it so you will not upgrade to the unstable packages.

How stable is the mainline kernel? Toying with the idea of switching to it on my Pi4.

I do not have any issues with it and @Dulbi has been using it forever. He uses the wireguard that is not in the 5.4 kernel.

I don’t have issue either !
It’s really stable, for what I’ve seen.
Im’ on the unstable branch since 5.6 version and it works like a charm.
I’m pretty happy with wireguard (included directly in the 5.6 versionl) and use it to connect to my rpi from outside securely (inner vpn mechanism with few actions to set it up) .
You should give a try.