New Raspberry Pi Kernels & Related Packages

I tried following your guide and got to the point of getting into my router and had issues. I got busy doing manjaro things and forgot about it.

Actually for @8 years I have used the -rc branch with out any issues.

Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions ! Maybe my “guide” was not so clear.
I use wireguard feature every day from outside my home to check things on my rpi from my phone.

Switched kernels… all good.

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Ive upgraded to 5.9 on rpi4 but the performance output is lower 86fps in glxgears
Is this still being tweaked regarding cpu governor scheduling etc?
I enabled docker features in cmdline.txt

I have done some tests this mourning using llvmpipe and V3D as renderer’s with kernels compiled SCHEDUTIL and ONDEMAND. There seemed to be a little less fps using llvmpipe but the fps was exactly the same with V3D. I also tested on a webgl test page with V3D and it was the same with V3D; of course you get nothing but a blank page using llvmpipe as a renderer on the webgl test page as there is no gpu acceleration detected.

Bottom line here the only thing really affected here if using llvmpipe as a renderer; which I do not. I get @40 fps less here.

Ive resolved this
Coincidentally I had set a manual resolution 1650x1050 in config.txt (mode 58) i switched back to 1920*1080 (mode 82) and its back to 600~ fps in glxgears on mainline 5.9

User error doh

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I built and pushed the latest linux-rpi4 kernel/kernel headers and the 2 new raspberrypi-bootloader packages to the unstable branch when the mirrors sink.

linux-rpi4 5.4.71-1
linux-rpi4-headers 5.4.71-1

ADDED Oct. 19:

These new packages as of today push to the unstable branch when the mirrors sink.

linux-rpi4 5.4.72-1
linux-rpi4 headers-5.4.72-1
linux-rpi4 mainline-5.9.1-1
linux-rpi4-mainline headers-5.9.1-1
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