New mirror in Amsterdam, Netherlands


I am setting up a new mirror and during reading I stumbled upon the Mirror Manager at

As you do, I created an account and added my mirror.

After a couple of hours, I get this e-mail

Your mirror is missing state files and is now deleted.

There is a state file there and I don’t know what other state files should be there.

My mirror is available at:

What am I missing here?

Hi @nickbouwhuis, and welcome!

While I know noting about and cannot help with the mirror, I did see this:

So I wanted to point you here:

I have been notified that mirror-manager is on hold for the time being

ping @codesardine

Mirror manager is not in production yet and it is on hold at the moment, is this mirror meant to be added to the mirror list?

Gotcha. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Ah, ok. That clears it up. Today I also got a notice that my mirror-manager account is deleted.

Yes, the mirror can be added to the mirror list.

This mirror has been added, thanks

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