New Linux version 6.8.4-1 just installed and won't automount nvme drives. Version 6.7.12-1 works

I recently discovered after installing Linux and that the nvme drive volumes that I auto mount through fstab were not automounting. So as a test I dropped back to Linux and automount worked.
Older gigabyte (Ga-990fxa-ud3 ) motherboard, 32GB of memory and boot from sata ssd. All software is updated to latest released level. This is practically irrelavent as the solution to “not automounting” nvme was to simply dropping back one level of Linux.

This is likely the issue noted here:


I searched the site for “” not “6.8”…leason learned.
I used “disk” to create the fstab entry while 6.7 was active, I need to reboot to 6.8 and let “disk” rebuild the fstab entries. Let you know.


❯ pacman -Qi linux68 | grep Version
Version         : 6.8.4-1

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Then why not use an LTS kernel? 6.1 and 6.6 are still supported until December 2026, and they don’t require changing the driver.

I misread ntfs3 as s/b ntfs-3g. Used “disk” app in 6.8.4-1 and filled in the filesystem type “parm” as ntfs3 and all works ok now. IE Automount of NTFS volumes auto mount correctly. Manual mount works as well.
If you leave the filesystem type as “auto”, disk will plugin “ntfs-3g” for NTFS volumes and that will fail auto mount in 6.8…

If I understood the response from Gigabyte support, my motherboard bios does not support booting (EFI) nvme as a boot volume. (It is an ooooold motherboard:-)) Looking at a Gigabyte x670 motherboard, but that requires ddr5 mem and ryzen processor.

Aside:- I had one of these a while ago. I have to say; it wasn’t the worst mainboard in creation; but it was certainly in the neighbourhood. I understand that later iterations apparently sovled many issues (I had revision 1), but I was never tempted to investigate.