New install manjaro-kde-23.0.2-230919-linux65 get error updating

Hi all
New to Linux. Just installed Manjaro using manjaro-kde-23.0.2-230919-linux65.iso.
Update opened stating 200+ updates available. Update then comes up with error:
could not satisfy dependencies:

  • unable to satisfy dependency ‘’ required by ffmpeg

Was able to untick the ffmpeg updates and install all the rest. Still unable to complete the ffmpeg updates.
Where to from here?
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum! :vulcan_salute:

The issue with dav1d is known about, but it is unfortunately not resolved yet in the Stable branch. The Unstable branch allegedly already has a fix — or at least a workaround — so the general advice is to wait until the updated package(s) hit the Stable repositories. :man_shrugging:

In my case updating from Uranos 23.0.3 to 23.0.4 the update went through with unticked ffmpeg

Unfortunately skipping the update breaks chromium 118/Midori/Code/… - with a missing

I linked /usr/lib/ as /usr/lib/ and at least now the applications start up
no in depth test of this workaround but at least I was able to use Chromium to post this :wink:

It’s important to note here that it’s only quick & dirty a workaround, because upon the next update, that symbolic link will be overwritten.

Also, I am on Stable and I have the 1.3.0-1 version of dav1d, and, but I can use chromium without any problems. I can also watch videos in vlc, although I have not tried to play any video DVDs. :man_shrugging:

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No … it just wasnt messed with the way the other branches were, and has been working fine, even with the updated dav1d package from ~ a week ago.
(whether dav1d should have been rolled back in the other branches … is … maybe something else)

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Thanks for that Aragorn.
So Dav1d is the issue and ffmpeg can’t update due to this issue. Just learning the syntax.
Will wait for the update.
Question. I now can’t install a game (0ad) I saw due to this error. Unsure if this game required this to be fixed or if the update for ffmpeg is waiting in the queue to be completed before I can install the game. Can I park this update to allow the install to work?

Thanks all.

You should always keep your system fully updated — partial updates are not supported.

That said, try syncing your mirrors first, because the problem may have been remedied in the meantime… :point_down:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

Be sure to let it finish and do not interrupt the process, no matter how long it takes.

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