New icons for Manjaro Settings Manager

As a suggestion, it would be interesting to place new icons within the manjaro configuration manager, if it does not involve a lot of development work, it is not something technical or important, just aesthetic.

I just feel something “outdated”?, some icons, perhaps you could even place those that you propose new ones and even made by you in this article that I have posted.

And if the developers think it’s a good idea jsjsj.

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Also, while there, can kernel installation progress dialog be made resizable? It’s small with lots of contents inside small scrollable text component.

Thank you for consideration.

Come on, what is wrong with the United Nations (well actually a lot is wrong but i mean the logo here) or Tux or the PCI card. You cannot reinvent the wheel sometimes. Ok maybe the time one can be changed.
Also, to change an icon means either somebody has to draw it or you have to find one with a proper opensource license. It can be a pain in the *** sometimes.

The size is a known bug that was reported many months ago and there was a discussion about it, but it is not very important so it will be fixed…in the probably distant future.

yes, one day replaced (or not…started 3 years ago, no activity for 1 year) ??? by


That is why I have specified in the message, “it is not something important, just aesthetic”, we should not take the things we put in the forum as an order or complaint…

Well, that thread has been closed for more than a year, so there’s no wonder that there hasn’t been any activity. :wink:

It also mentions:

…which is presumedly the MCP/MSM that we have now.

I’d like to keep track of it, if anyone has a link handy.

That thread is quite obviously about the alpha/beta of what we have now. Which works just fine and does not need to be improved with bugs in my opinion. Because … Never touch a running system. There are far more important things that are buggy.

There is always room for improvement in most software.

Usually, it’s a matter of how many see merit in possible additions/inclusions; and/or whether anyone has the time or can be bothered accepting the task when so much else may need to be prioritised.

I would like to see a number of additions; whether those are deemed necessary (or practical from the coding perspective), or not, doesn’t diminish that having a full featured Control Panel/Settings Manager is a positive step in usability.

With respect icons, however, I too don’t see any great need to replace them. Possibly ensuring they are all sourced from the same theme might be nice touch, though; as mentioned by @medmedin in the following post.

These are only opinions. Use them or abuse them as you see fit. :wink:

I also think the icons should be pulled from the applied global theme to have a unified look, or re-integrating it inside Plasma 6 settings to avoid having two places for configuring your installation.