New dark theme for the forum available

The dark version for the default forum theme is now finally available.

Still some visibility issues with some elements, but it’s now in mostly usable shape. If you want to contribute to the theme, you can do so here:

For the default light theme, issues and merge requests can be directed here:

Hope you are all having a good time, be excellent to each other!


This is really easy on the eyes and from my brief trial with it so far, looks good. Will be happy to submit any issues with element visibility.

It does show up the awful viewing angle on my laptop screen a bit more but is still perfectly readable even so.

I like it! Thanks for the efforts.

I totally get the reasoning behind the color scheme and I like that unlike the other dark theme this one doesn’t have a light theme menu at the bottom of the page but personally I like the other dark theme more no offense. I have three reasons as to why.

  1. I like that the other one is darker aside from the bottom of every page.
  2. When I load into a thread I have to wait for green fade out of the head post to fade away before I can read it.
  3. I couldn’t tell that the emoji with sunglasses was a reaction to the post. I thought it was an emoji you wrote at the end of your post.

I hope that wasn’t harsh. I sometimes give desgin feedback for work so just wanted to be honest.

This is really nice! The forum looks gorgeous on my OLED screen.

Win 10 guys need to learn from you how to build a nice dark theme. :rofl:


This Manjaro Dark theme was really nice :ok_hand:

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Nice theme. I hope you keep the other Dark theme, more choice is often better :slight_smile:


No worries, it’s on git for a feedback and I don’t have any personal feelings invested in this. The old dark theme is still available, we can probably tweak that too.

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The main tweaks it needs is the highlight colors and the bottom.
I cant really think of anything besides that.
(Yes its missing some of the flashier things like the topbar … guess its ‘minimal-dark’)

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You mean that extra search bar that the light theme has? I disabled it for the dark theme to test if it affects the page load times.

Very nice, although I still apply my edits from this topic: Dark Forum theme edits which mostly makes it look a tad better, except for the bottom, because the background on the buildings is not transparant, although the image file is png… So if I change the background color, it goes from black to grey in the footer.

@Chrysostomus If I have sugestions, should I post them on Gitlab (then I have to make an account), or should I post them here?

Edit: Yeah I think I stick with that one for now and tweak it a bit more. Would be nice if it is kept as an option.

No I mean the teal >>>>> image header.

Thank you! Please also enable automatic theme switching, see this thread:

i agree - the “old” darktheme with green highlights and a corrected bottom bar would be perfect :+1:
The new darktheme is not really bad and visually appealing, but its too “flashy” for my taste, i like it more “out of my way” :slight_smile:

Gitlab would be the best. You can also make the edits directly there with a Merge request. If you know css it is very simple to edit. Even I can do it and I don’t actually know css.

I’ll look into it, thanks for the tip.

This is not outside the realm of possibilities.


Excellent, well done!

Maybe the flash fade out should begin with a darker pallette to be softer to the eyes. Less turquoise (which contains more blue), more green like in the banner.

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Good idea

reaction background is obnoxiously bright

The chosen font is harder to read than the one from the normal dark theme and some font colors are too dark against the (relativly bright) backround:
Post headings and links for example, even more so when they appear in quoted posts:

All in all: I had to switch back.

I really like it. Good job :+1:

Okay, we did some tweaks to it with @bogdancovaciu. Not quite complete yet, but should be a step in the right direction.

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