Networkmanager - No ' Enable Wifi Button'. How Do I Get It Back?

Just moved house where I was using wired wifi for years. The networkmanager app had the wifi button. In the new place I have to use wireless as the connection is too far away.
The problem is when I booted up without a cable for wifi connected there is no mention of wifi in the networkmanager app. All it has on right click is ‘enable network’ & ‘enable notifications.’ How do I get ‘enable wifi’ to show up?

Maybe begin with something like system info;

inxi -Farz

(we have no idea what Desktop Environment you are using, what network card this is, etc)

Under ‘network’ inxi -Farz has —

Device -1: Intel 1211 Gigabit Network Vendor: ASUSTek -- driver: igb -- v: kernel-- pcie: gen: 1 -- speed: 2.5 GT/s -- lanes: 1 -- port: e000 -- bus-ID: 07:00.0 -- chip-ID: 8086:1539 -- class-ID: 0200 -- IF: enp7s0 -- state: down -- mac: <filter>

I am using xfce.

Its usually better to include all the output.

But nonetheless - that doesnt show any wireless card.

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Then that would be my problem. DOH!

If I had typed all of the info it would have taken me hours. :smiley:

Thanks cscs. That will get me going.

Oh, yeah, you were transcribing, Doh. :sweat_smile:

Good Luck with all the things.

Well I’ve just installed a asus pce-ax58bt wireless card. Problem is I have no internet. The driver I need, I think, is the broadcom-wl-dkms. So how do I go about getting it installed? I can run a cable for wired if that is the only way.

All sorted. I’m good to go.

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