Network drivers MHWDCONFIG is invalid and empty

is it completely frozen? try ctrl+alt+del

Doesn’t do much either…

so its frozen, so you have to force it, after you booted provide logs:
journalctl -b-1 -p4 --no-pager

With proprietary or open source drivers?

wait… you said you installed manjaro on usb? didnt you meant you flashed manjaro iso on usb?

Yes i did, but it shows me manjaro boot menu, with those options, it always did at me…?

I boot with proprietary drivers

did you booted into manjaro live usb, then you clicked install manjaro and installed it? because this looks like you booting into the live usb session and not into the installation

I didnt, i have it still on the usb.

But it shows a menu when you start the laptop, and then click one of options on menu, and then it will get you to Manjaro it self. It opens a welcome app as usually, but install Manjaro Linux button is still there untouched.

Also it boots Manjaro, not a menu to choose boot device.

this here is some miscommunication, so did you actually install manjaro from the live usb session onto a usb by actually installing it, selecting keyboard/language where to install etc…?

I flashed iso file into usb, and booted it on the laptop, thats all. I didn’t install Manjaro to hard drive yet.

It says Specifying boot ID or boot offset has no effect, no persistent journal was found

thats what im asking… so there is no point in installing headers or the driver… and as i mentioned you have to install headers and the driver anyway, the driver is not provided by kernel, so it doesnt matter which distro you choose, you still have to install them…
the logs are irrelevant since you didnt install the manjaro, so go ahead and install manjaro normally

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The thing is that im unsure if i should. I just don’t want to delete Windows 11 when Manjaro doesnt work, the os can’t live without network.

Are you sure installing will help…?

thats up to you, you can install it alongside windows so that you dual boot… if you install manjaro, then you install the network drivers and thats it, you will have network

Will it work? To install? Y/N

yes, if you use tethering from your phone to have access to internet so that you can install those drivers to begin with … but since you in the live usb test the following also:
test audio/mic/bluetooth
put the pc into sleep then wake it up and test those again

Screenlocker got broken, going to run loginctl unlock-session 1 is that right i wrote?

Help me…