Network connectivity check hiccups

On Network Manager connectivity check is configured to use, but that site is currently broken redirecting to that does not contain the required text for the connectivity check.

Just disable it, it’s useless anyway. If it tells you that you have no internet you still have to check, as the server may be down.

sudo touch /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity.conf
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and inside that file

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Not necessary, the empty file will do. :smiley:

I spoke with @codesardine and he told me he blocked browser access due to bots polling it and increasing server load. It was only down for 10 minutes while he was performing maintenance.

When something like that happens, one may see a :grey_question: on their Wi-Fi status icon. To verify NetworkManager connectivity, you can run this command:

❯ nmcli g
connected  full          enabled  enabled  missing  enabled

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