Network adapter working, but functionally broken

i have an msi bravo 15 that i installed manjaro gnome on recently. i have to keep windows on it for school, but i prefer to use linux so i got an external samsung 256gb usb drive and used that as my boot drive. after installing everything and setting the right bio parameters, i got it set up to a point where i could have regular windows when i needed it, but be able to plug in my usb and boot directly into manjaro when i needed that. at first i had some issues with my wifi adapter, but those were mysteriously solved after a few reboots. but now im having some other network issue.

when i boot into linux, my wifi adapter is obviously still working. i can open up the settings, see all available networks, and it will prompt me to log into my home wifi when i forget the network. but in the top right corner where it usually shows the wifi bars, its showing an ethernet symbol. but in the settings and everywhere else i could see, there was no wired connections detected. and when i boot up firefox or any other internet connected program, im greeted with the no network detected errors of each respective program.

ive tried various reboots and booting back into windows and everything, but i cant even really pinpoint the source of the problem. does anyone know what might be happening here?

edit: after playing around some more, it turns out that USB tethering doesnt even appear to be working. this previously worked fine, and while its detected here, its still refusing any sort of connection to the internet.

Dualbootig with Windows is always dangerous.
Make sure, that you’re shutting down windows fully and properly before switching.
The default setting is a kind of hibernation that leaves some devices in a locked state. It’s called fastboot or something.

Anyway, for further support please read the pinned posts on how to post your system information.

i already took as much of the precautions for dual booting as possible. secure boot and fastboot are all disabled, and i fully shut down before switching. the issue still persists like that, so im assuming theres something windows 11 has that i havent figured out how to disable yet.

Just to be clear: secure boot and fastboot in the UEFI Settings?

If you don’t disable fastboot in windows, it will do what @mithrial says on a shutdown, but not on a reboot.

Do you have 2 different network managers installed? Did you modify anything? Gnome uses NetworkManager.

The firmware probably blocks the Wi-Fi module. Drivers are handled differently on Windows and Linux, and sometimes the state on Windows can interfere with Linux and vice versa.

On dual boot, the hardware has to be fully re-initialized on every cold and warm boot.

at first i didnt disable it in windows, but after reading this i went back and disabled it in the control panel. didnt appear to change anything.

this is a possibility. these issues started happening after installing ProtonVPN, the same vpn i used back when the school district i attended blocked basic functionality on networks. i have since uninstalled it to no avail. looking through the package manager, there are quite a few networkmanager packages, but i cant tell which ones are an actually different manager and which ones are just extensions for the main one (for vpn support and such).

what are some other steps towards this you recommend taking?

So you mean the issue that there is no wifi symbol? Just note that protonvpn exchanges the dns server and if you didn’t properly close it, it will leave it as is. If you connect to a normal connection, it will search on a not connected dns server for the IP of the domains, which result in connection problems, since it cannot look up domains.

Check the kernel messages:

sudo dmesg 

But since miss to post your system information, I cannot say what module should be “grep-ed”.

It’s probably related to the ‘killswitch’ option, check this out No network connection without VPN after ProtonVPN installation - #4 by psickophant

I had something similar, and it turned out to be NetworkManager. Open the NetworkManager settings and ensure that Wi-Fi and USB tethering options are enabled and configured correctly.