Need default GUI of firefox

My firefox on a fresh installed Manjaro look like to be customized. I don’t like it this way. How can I revert it to Mozilla’s default GUI ?

This is the default mozilla firefox gui - no customization done.

I want it this way:

I know what you mean - and it is not customized in any way - it is the new firefox proton ui.

You can change it in about:config search for proton

What is the preference name and what should I change it to ?

I just told you - but you can also check this topic

I completely forgot what @xabbu mentions - there is this from the announcements thread

Remove the Manjaro custom theme package firefox-gnome-theme-maia . If you need more infos search for firefox-gnome-theme-maia.

Maybe there is no need to remove the package anymore. Looks like there is now a switch in the gnome-layout-switcher


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