Nautilus File Manager - Showing Mounted Drives

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to do a few things in Nautilus (Gnome Files). Specifically, the following:

  1. Is there a way to show mounted drives on the left navigation section?
  2. Is there a way for me to pin / save the mounted drive to the left-hand section as well?

I tried looking this up previously but did not have much luck when doing this previously. I found the following post that went thru this somewhat goes through your use-case:

But it did NOT work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Could you please try to keep your mount related questions in one topic? This should make it easier for others to help, and for you to manage.


Hi @soundofthunder - The other post is marked as SOLVED. However, the questions presented in this mount post are still ‘open’.

Any help you or anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

Yes, I see it has since been solved - a little searching can produce relatively decent results, most times. :slight_smile:

If it were KDE, I could show how easy it is to drag/drop a folder (or volume) so that it appears as a link under ‘Places’. Unfortunately, I don’t know how or whether that might work in Gnome; I have long avoided Gnome, and refuse to use it unless I’m dragged kicking and screaming.

That said, perhaps it’s configurable via Nautilus. Look for any panels that can be toggled and possibly allow something similar.

I’m sure others will help when they can. Weekends are typically slower on the forum, so try to have some patience. Cheers.

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