System asking for password when mounting internal hard drive - How To Disable?

I have a system with 2 drives, an SSD (600gb) & another SSD (1tb).
latest updates for Manjaro Gnome as of 05/04/2024, with 1 admin user.

I expected to just click on the drive & use it, but every time I am mounting it, I am asked for the password. I have tried to look at permissions & how it works, but I find it very difficult to understand.

Is there a command or simpler way (like a button to tick on a menu) to make the backup SSD accessible, without needing a password to access the drive?


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Did you try searching online though? This has come up several times here in the past few months.

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Thanks, I found this previously but wasn’t sure if it was still accurate in terms of the fix or not:

This one sounds slightly different because he said ANY mount, but I can still browse through my home or root partition without any issues (same SSD).

It’s still accurate. You don’t manually mount root or home though.

Thank you @anon51566685, this issue is resolved now. Appreciate the help!

If you want drives mounted on system startup you should add them to fstab.
This would not be advised for removable/temporary drives/partitions.

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