My .Xmodmap settings has been corrupted (maybe update?)


My system manjaro kde 21.1.6 Linux kernel 5.10.70-1

I am using turkish f keyboard layout and to quickly access some of the symbols used in programming, I modified my keyboard settings via .Xmodmap file presented below. The crucial change is the switching Alt ant AltGr to access the symbols with both hands. I have been using this configuration for several years without problem. In last a few days, I guess after update, my configuration has been garbled or corrupted. My Alt, AltGr keys are not being switched but also some keycode changes are partially put in affect. The behavior is nondeterministic. Sometimes there is no problem, sometimes there is. When I open a terminal, the terminal waits to bring promth for a while.

If I typed xmodmad $HOME/.Xmodmap in the terminal, my settings are recoved for that terminal

$HOME/.Xmodmap file

keycode  31 = n N n N less less VoidSymbol
keycode  32 = h H h H greater greater degree
keycode  34 = q Q q Q at at 
keycode  43 = t T t T U20BA VoidSymbol U20BA VoidSymbol t T U20BA VoidSymbol
keycode  44 = k K k K braceleft braceleft braceleft braceleft k K braceleft braceleft
keycode  45 = m M m M bracketleft bracketleft bracketleft bracketleft m M bracketleft bracketleft
keycode  46 = l L l L bracketright bracketright bracketright bracketright l L bracketright bracketright
keycode  47 = y Y y Y braceright braceright braceright braceright y Y braceright braceright

! Swap Mod1 and Mod5
remove mod1 = Alt_L Meta_L 
remove mod5 = ISO_Level3_Shift Mode_switch
keysym Alt_L Meta_L = ISO_Level3_Shift Mode_switch
keysym ISO_Level3_Shift Mode_switch = Alt_L Meta_L
add mod1 = Alt_L Meta_L
add mod5 = ISO_Level3_Shift Mode_switch


export EDITOR=vim

[[ $DISPLAY ]] && [[ -f ~/.Xmodmap ]] && xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap
[[ -f ~/.bashrc ]] && . ~/.bashrc

Very seldomly, when I open a terminal, I see these kinds of garbled text at the initial opening of the terminal.

please release the following keys within 2 seconds:
    q (keysym 0x71, keycode 34)
    ISO_Level3_Shift (keysym 0xfe03, keycode 64)
^[q^[q^[q^[/^[/xmodmap:  please release the following keys within 4 seconds:
    w (keysym 0x77, keycode 35)
    Alt_L (keysym 0xffe9, keycode 108)
xmodmap:  please release the following keys within 8 seconds:
    w (keysym 0x77, keycode 35)
    Alt_L (keysym 0xffe9, keycode 108)
xmodmap:  please release the following keys within 16 seconds:
    w (keysym 0x77, keycode 35)
    Alt_L (keysym 0xffe9, keycode 108)

I really appreciate any insight, help.


Keeping your system in sync with repo never alters customized configuration in your home folder.

If one or more configuratiion files becomes garbled it is most likely caused by errors in the filesystem.

It is purely guesswork and impossible to know how or why but a common cause is flickers in the powergrid or instability of the powersupply.

Try renaming the config file (do not delete it) - then create a new file with a fresh copy of the configuration.

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Thank you for the reply. I believe I could not describe my problem very well. The configuration files seem intact, they are readable, the editors do not complain about not being able to read the files. The data in the files seems intact. I have another computer with the same configuration, os, home directory, it has the same problem. Yes I am sinking my home directory between them. But I believe or guess there is a problem with kde or x window system, but I have no clue about how to debug the problem.

If I have understood correct your desktop is KDE Plasma on X11?

Please confirm.

Also a couple of questions on your root filesystem

  • Are your root and home in a LUKS container?
  • Is the filesystem used btrfs?
  • If not btrfs please mention which.

A similar topic - just linking to keep track.

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