My ssd lost health quickly, is this normal?

I did 4 timeshift snapshots since install(3months ago , but I used to 1.5-2 months), tonight I check it and it already dropped 1% of the ssd health , is this normal having only 130gb written ?


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Please edit your topic title and post to be more clear and concise about what you need help with.

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I made 3 paragraphs in 1 question, I hope it’s good , can’t make it better :frowning:

it lost 1 health after 3 months usage and 122 Gib data written to it, so thats 4 health a year, which is 20 health after 5 years, which is 40 health after 10 years, which is 60 health after 15 years - 40 life left is where you should start to worry, so you have 15 years left … :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Idk how to explain…

In these months I barely updates the Linux, I even forgot to update it like through 4-5 updates

I may have used it less , maybe like 1.5-2 months max , but thanks for the answer regardless, even if it lasts 6 years is fine for me

dont worry, it will last you… you can google on how long ssd last…

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