My Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse does not scroll well

This is a reaction to a previous upgrade “wave” because that thread is locked.

(I’m going to update to this “wave” after one or two weeks, since I figured out most bugs are smashed or workarounds invented after 1-2 weeks. I can not work on a system which has one of my workflows broken. Manjaro is lacking a “release candidate-stable” channel).

After a few upgrade waves ago (forgot the count) I figured my Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse does not scroll well in Pale Moon, Brave, LibreOffce. It feels like the amount of lines per scrollwheel-rotation is set to a very small value. When I reboot? the mouse. The “amount of lines per scrollwheel-rotation” is set to a normal/more human level.

I’m using Solaar, but due the low frequency of releases, I hardly expect something broke at that part. I suspect Kernel 5.10, but I don’t know (yet) what do to debug.

tried upgrading kernel?

What do you mean, you would like a “fixed rolling release” which is conceptually dumb? There already is the Stable branch. It is a rolling release so updates come quickly after they are sent upstream, issues can arise even if updates are tested on two other branches (Unstable and Testing) before it reaches Stable branch (or three sometimes with Stable-staging branch). This is to be expected. If you need a fixed distro for perfect stability and never an issue with regular major updates the rolling release model is maybe not for you?

I think you’re missing a part in both sentences there for it to make sense.

Did you try another USB port (like a 3.0 USB if it is currently on a 2.0 one, or another port far from the current one)?

Did you try to look in these application if there was some settings regarding the mouse wheel?

Maybe the third party application you use to manage your mouse has an issue, try to remove it to see if it fixes the issues.

For this mouse (I use it myself on different systems) the “logiops” from the AUR is the best to configure.

I was able to fix it!

At first you need to download solaar and disable “Scroll wheel resolution”. This option makes scroll too sensitive.

Then, you need to fix the scroll speed, and I used libinput-multiplier from aur. After installation(restart maybe required) you need set the speed:

echo 20 > /tmp/libinput_discrete_deltay_multiplier

And that’s all, the mouse scrolling works perfectly :slightly_smiling_face:

Btw, I tried other distros - ubuntu, fedora(both on gnome), scroll works well.

My apologies for my late reply.

I fiddled with the settings of Solaar.

Oddly enough, somehow for me the “inverted” solution worked for me.

I had to enable “Scroll wheel resolution” and I was able to scroll faster (amount of text lines per scrollwheel-rotation)) as was before this issue.

So yeah, for me it is fixed at my side. But still strange “Scroll wheel resolution” has to be turned on at my side, and turned off and set the scrollingspeed manually like itis at @quolpr’s side. :man_shrugging: