My DisplayPort Monitors are never recognized / activated


my system information is provided here: Cannot boot Manjaro without using the GRUB on Live USB

The problem is that my DisplayPort Monitors are never recognized.
I connect them over Thunderbolt Dock. All USB devices work without problems, but my monitors are blank.

Sometimes I manage to get them working by restarting a thousand of times or un-plugging and replugging thunderbolt cable. But it has very low chance of success.

What do you propose to do?

Would installing proprietary drivers be beneficial?

Thanks for support.

Maybe a BIOS-setting to change regarding “Thunder-bold”???

I tried both options:

  • legacy mode
  • “native and low-power” mode

No difference.


I needed to go into the laptop BIOS and enable a couple of “pre-boot Thunderbolt” settings, which came with warnings that this was unsafe to do, but otherwise the laptop would not recognize the dock’s usb and network devices… at all. It would just use the connected display and nothing else. Maybe you could have another look at your BIOS settings?

I have the Dell WD19TB USB/Thunderbolt dock. I don’t have issues at boot time, but when (re)connecting the dock to a running laptop, it will recognize the display and ethernet port, but not the keyboard. I can unplug/replug the keyboard and this doesn’t help.

So… it mostly works, but remains troublesome.