MSM KDE Notifier icon

I would like to change the icon used in my KDE tray for MSM KDE Notifier.

I tried to look into the XDG autostart file /etc/xdg/autostart/msm_kde_notifier.desktop, there is no icon defined there.

I looked into the application .desktop file /usr/share/applications/msm_kde_notifier_settings.desktop but it is a different one (and used for the Application Menu, to start it with the --settings switch).

I looked quickly into what I think is its repositories on GitLab and this is the icon I want to change, all my other icons in the tray are all white, like symbols, and this green icon doesn’t fit well.

I’m starting to think it is hardcoded in the program or something.

Does someone have a clue for where to look to change this icon?

I don’t know which, but one of those icons is used for it (from some of my themes):


If the icon is not defined in theme this is used:


So add named icon to your current theme. If you want white one see McMojave-circle-dark theme :wink:

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Great! thanks for the hint! I searched for the file sc-apps-manjaro-settings-manager.svg but I should have simplified the filename with wildcards :stuck_out_tongue: and I would have found it.

I’ll modify my icon theme and report if it worked. Thanks!

//EDIT: and I actually have the icon manjaro-settings-manager.svg in my icon theme but it doesn’t look like what I see in my tray :\ it is still a green one but different.
//EDIT2: I tried to create manjaro-settings-manager-panel.svg too, but it doesn’t override the default Manjaro icon. Maybe my custom icons are not placed properly? Here is where I have them:

The selected one is the one I see in my tray, the default one.
//EDIT3: I deleted the default icon, and it still shows as this icon :upside_down_face: either it is another one, or it is hardcoded… But I remember at some point it was not this green icon but a ‘symbol’ like icon in the tray.

This is path from McMojave theme:


But some other themes have different paths, here Flat Remix:


Hope it will help.

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Thanks, will try again.

//EDIT: still no luck, I placed it everywhere possible regarding you suggestions, still the green default one showing.

I think I found which icon was showing at some point, it was not really a symbol like icon, simply a white one, this one /usr/share/icons/manjaro/white/white.svg

Those notifier icons, in System Tray are part of the dekstoptheme you are using, aka Plasma Style.
If you use a custom one, look inside ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ThemeName/icons

For those notifications Entries in System Tray Settings will take the icon from the icon theme. Usually is a symlink to the DistributionName icon … You will have to define the ID and custom CSS inside that svg, for the icon itself that usually comes in two sises.


OK thanks, that starts to make sense now. I changed to various Plasma Style (the Manjaro provided ones, I don’t have custom Plasma Styles), and indeed, some of them change the icon for the MSM KDE Notifier, to the one in my custom Icon theme.

I’m not sure yet how to override properly this icon though, as I do not want to modify the system files (I’m using Breath2 Plasma Style), and I don’t want to use the Plasma Style that makes me use my custom Icon theme one. This is some kind of puzzle… need to find how to solve this.

I’m not very familiar with KDE, so this might not be the best option you have.

As @bogdancovaciu mentioned, you’ll have to edit a single file called manjaro.svgz (compressed .svg file) in the directory /usr/share/plasma/desktoptheme/breath2/icons/.

Open the file in a text editor and search for the term 22-22-manjaro-settings-manager. A few lines beneath under <path you’ll see this line:


Change it to the color you like (#ffffff for white for example)


Do the same after finding the term 16-16-manjaro-settings-manager further below the same file.
Under <path change the same line to style="fill:#ffffff".

Another option would be to copy the folder breath2 mentioned above to ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/ and do the changes to the corresponding file.

To see the changes in your system, you’ll have to logout/login.

Example image of the changed icon:

Hope that helps!

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Thank you that is another valuable information. I’ll end up modifying the system files then :rofl: as copying the theme would probably require other edits to not conflict with the system theme I guess.


//EDIT: did the modification, then I chattr'ed it for blocking further modification in future updates. Problem solved. No more green icon in my tray!.. I guess when I’ll figure out why it actually didn’t work lol.

//EDIT2: It was working but not working, as you can change a setting to enable small icons, or have adaptative sized icon now in tray, if I enabled the small icons in Panel it was showing the modified one, but with big Panel icon in tray, or with the ‘hidden’ icons (the ones you need to develop the tray to show were big sized one), it wasn’t working, so I figured the 16-16 or 22-22 in the SVG was the icon size, and then I also modified the other one id="manjaro-settings-manager" and it worked as intended.

//EDIT3: and ‘fun fact’ I see my custom icon from my custom icon theme (a round manjaro logo) in the settings of the tray only, where you decide to show or hide the icon in tray… :joy: but it uses the breath2 plasma style icon in the tray itself instead of my custom one LOL //RE-EDIT: i selected another icon theme, then back on my custom theme, it refreshed icon cache I guess as it wasn’t anymore showing my custom icon there

Thanks all!

//EDIT4: and on a side note, simply deleting the file manjaro.svgz in breath2 icons folder, allowed me to use my custom theme icon in the Panel/tray.


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